Distributions and uncertainty

Due by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 18, 2017

Super important note: In the past couple weeks, you’ve probably typed your memo in Word and saved it as a PDF. Starting this week, you will put your memo and homework assignments in the same R Markdown file and e-mail me a Word file or a PDF of the compiled document.

To help you with this, here’s a template to get you started.Your browser will most likely open it as a new tab instead of downloading the file. Either right click on the link and choose “Save link as…” or copy and paste the text into a blank R Markdown file in RStudio.

Open it in RStudio and fill in the blanks.

If you run into problems, check with your classmates or come by my office!

Task 0: Understand Markdown

Task 1: Reflection memo

Write a 500-word memo about the assigned readings for this week. You can use some of the prompt questions there if you want. As you write the memo, also consider these central questions:

Task 2: R and ggplot2

Read Chapter 3 of R for Data Science and complete the following exercises: